Some Testimonials from Carm’s Clients:

Jeff F.: I’m 44 years old and I have always been a very active person. I was in cross-country and track in high school and college and continued running throughout the years. Additionally, I’d go to the gym to workout, go swimming, play basketball, flag football, and more. I was lean, tone, and had a six pack stomach and weighed about 165. However, when I got into my early to mid 30′s, I noticed I started losing all that definition, putting on weight, and gaining fat around my belly. Eventually, my weight went up to 210lbs…my heaviest was 215! When P90X started gaining in popularity and I saw the infomercials of how people lost weight and got ripped, I decided to give that a try. I was in my late 30s when I did. I took before and after photos and didn’t see much of a difference in my physique and did not lose any weight. I tried following the suggested meal plan but it was overwhelming. However, I thought I’d give it another round but this time, I would modify the meal plan and select foods that I would like to eat. Again, I took before and after photos and again….couldn’t see a difference and didn’t lose weight. So, then I thought maybe training for a marathon I would lose weight. Did that in twice in 2013 and 2014 and surprisingly I didn’t lose anything nor any fat. Then Body Beast came out and saw their meal plan was simpler. However, results were the same….I didn’t lose any belly fat and didn’t get lean and cut like the people in the infomercials. Now, I became very frustrated and knew I had to do something different.

In January 2016, I decided to seek the help of a personal fitness trainer, Carmelia. During our first meeting, I told her what my frustrations and goals were, she analyzed my food journal, told me what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong, and explained to me the benefits of certain foods. Then, she proceeded to lay out a plan for me to follow including an easy way to keep my track of my daily calories and protein. Simultaneously, I did the 21 Day Fix program of which she was all for me trying. After three weeks, we met again and to my surprise I lost 10 lbs! It wasn’t until then that people started asking me if I was losing weight. And that was the start of my journey of losing weight, burning fat, and getting to a leaner and more defined look. After doing 21 Day Fix, I did P90X2 for 12 weeks while continually meeting with Carmelia to discuss my meal plan and my workouts. She took it upon herself to follow up with me through email to see how I was progressing and provided suggestions if need be. And she also provided me with a chart showing my gains and losses about which I was surprised as she didn’t have to take her time to do that. Sooo…. in June, I got down to 181…total loss of 29 lbs! I went home to visit family and friends and they immediately could tell I lost weight. I did Race For The Cure 5K without much training and ended up placing 19th out of 4000 people and 1st in my age group. That was the best I had felt and looked in years! I’m so happy with my progress and it’s primarily all due to Carmelia’s knowledge, support, and guidance. She always has my best interest and places my health and well being first. She has never pressured me into setting appointments. She is very understanding as to your schedule and will try her best to coordinate hers according to what day and time is best for you. If you are reading this because you are trying decide whether or not to choose Carmelia as your personal trainer…I highly recommend that you do so. You, as well as others, will be very pleased with your results!!

By Jeff F. on July 14


Becky: Wow, I can’t say enough good things about Carm! Regarding nutrition – She is super knowledgable – always basing her nutrition information on science and documented studies. Yet, at the same time she has the flexibility to recognize that not everyone fits into the charts. She worked with me to help me find the nutritional balance that worked best, despite it being different than the generally accepted recommendations. She has a great balance here! When it comes to weight training she exceeded my expectations. She eased me into a healthy lifting routine that didn’t require me to get a gym membership. What I’m seeing is that her focus is on exercises that work for your body, schedule and budget. Her attention to my form and doing a weekly review of my exercises is helping me get good results early on. Carmelia has excellent balance here as well. I would recommend Carm to anyone looking for a personal trainer. She has knowledge, balance and a positive attitude!

By Becky on September 01 at 11:16 AM


Julastene: After months of trying to get the body I wanted on my own with virtually no results, I decided to get the help of a personal trainer. Carmelia was great!! She took the time to analyze my needs and lifestyle and created a fitness plan and diet specifically for me. She consistently monitored my progress and helped to keep me motivated. With her help, encouragement, and expertise, I was able to achieve my fitness goals much faster than I thought possible. I would recommend Break the Habits, Burn the Fat to anyone that is serious about getting results.

By Julastene Dyer-Moore on October 18 at 01:47 PM


Kellie B.: Carmelia, I really appreciate you working with me. I have really seen the results from developing a work out plan. The dedicated, focused, enthusiastic and encouraging time you spent with me provided a spring board for getting back in shape and developing my own good habits with an eating plan and an exercise regime. Thanks for all the support, it has really paid off!

By Kellie B. on September 15 at 02:36 PM